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AJ fbChristian Islamic Friendship

for the life we all share in Germany

We are creating a key contact point for the people of different religious backgrounds with the intention of improving mutual understanding.

Religion, however, will play only a minor role. We will use it just to understand the different cultures and ways of life of the "others", which have their roots in their individual religious upbringings. Thus, this homepage is intended as a meeeting point for all people who live in Germany, whether they are atheists, monotheists or polytheists. 

As soon as we know why people are the way they are or why they behave the way they do, we are able to accept their ways - without having to adept or even give up our own way, and especially without having to live in fear of the "unknown".

An interesting point of discussion will surely be the comparison of the different family concepts and models. We cannot simply say: "They are living here now, so they have to do like we do ...". 

However, the legal framework of Germany will never be a point of discussion. This is where the individual privacy finds an end. Everybody living in Germany must accept and abide by the laws of our democracy!


Join us in looking forward to whatever interesting and attractive activities will evolve here!


Adalbert Jablonski
Project Coordinator